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As a Knowledge based company, ITMC benefits from technical specialists in several fields such as designing , production , implementation,maintenance and support in all areas of electronic , mechanic and software domains using the cutting edge technologies and industrial machines, which enables the company to render the customer’s demand from idea to final product by offering professional services including designing, manufacturing,installation,implementation,maintenance and support in telecommunication , IT and ICT fields by the best quality within a short period of time.

 Designing and Making Various Active and Passive Productions :

  • IoT based industrial and agricultural productions
  • Power equipment’s
  • industrial and communicational cooling systems
  • Building different indoor/outdoor communicational racks
  • FTTX network equipment’s
  • Different software for control and monitoring
  • Implementation of different interactive portals
  • Telecommunication masts and towers

Telecommunication Network Support and Maintenance

  • Design, installation and maintenance of mobile data offloading
  • Design, implementation and support for optical networks
  • Maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure networks
  • Support and maintenance of ITMC products

Repair, Reinstallation

  • Repairing telecommunication boards
  • Repairing telecommunication interfaces

Equipment supplying and trading

  • Supplying telecommunication equipment
  • Supplying the industrial equipment and all of the related commercial affairs
  • IoT solution provider