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ITMC IoT Weather Monitoring Systems for meteorology, hydrology, Industry & agriculture

Our newest weather station provides online accurate and reliable weather monitoring in a self-contained and easy to install system. IoT-WS100 gives you all the weather data you need and sends data wirelessly to your cellphone app via central management server anywhere. You will see current weather conditions; atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, wind speed & direction, solar radiation and rainfall.INTRODUCING IoT-WS100


  • Easy installation
  • Anemometer
  • Support for Temperature/Relative humidity, Wind speed and Direction, Soil moisture, Solar radiation, rainfall sensors.
  • Simultaneously Solar Panel and 220V AC input power.
  • Easy to read data and collect information from generated chart
  • 7-inch Color LCD touch Screen with access to any current & Historical Data
  • IoT base data logger communicate with dedicated sensor module over LoRa WAN network solution
  • Energy saving  and power usage management system make battery saving up to 3 consecutive days.
  • Main data logger collect, saves and process 20,000,000 record data internally and send to central server simultaneously.
  • Capability to cooperate with any new sensor package, based on customer order.
  • Online technical support and auto upgrade  via  online support server.
  • Calculate dew point, accumulate insect degree-days to calculate right pesticide date.


Temperature   Units °C
Range  -40°C to + 120°C 
Resolution   0.01°C
Accuracy  +/- 0.3°C
Excitation Voltage   3.5 V


Humidity  Units RH%
Range  0-100%
Resolution   0.05%
Accuracy ± 4%
Excitation Voltage   3.5 V


Solar Radiation Units W/m2
Range  0-1750 W/m2
Resolution   1 W/m2
Accuracy 1 W/m2
Excitation Voltage  Excitation Voltage None Passive


Wind Direction  Units Degrees (°)
Range  0 to 360°
Resolution  1° (0 to 355°)
Excitation Voltage  Excitation Voltage None Passive


Wind Speed Units m/s or km/hr
Range  0-58 m/s (0-209 km/hr)
Resolution  0.45 m/s (1.6 km/hr)
Accuracy +/- 7%
Excitation Voltage  Excitation Voltage None Passive


Rainfall Units mm
Range  0-500 mm/h
Resolution  0.2 mm
Accuracy +/ 3%
Excitation Voltage  Voltage 3.5 V



Internal Battery Specifications 7.2Ah Lithium Polymer, 13.5 Volts fully charged
Solar Panel 18 Watt , 0.8 A
External Power Source 220 V AC