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 IoT-IPS monitoring and management system includes solution comprised of diverse sensors and a wireless communication system based on advanced radio frequency technology. With monitoring of soil, weather, crop and environmental conditions, IoT-IPS continuously collects data from the sensors to present a clear, real-time view of a farm’s status. IoT-IPS’s comprehensive monitoring and management system improves planning and decision making of growers, leading to optimized farm resources and water utilization. IoT-IPS according to the needs of the plant, intelligently manages irrigation and it will make the plant grow better.


  • Accepts wide range of sensors; include:
    • Soil moisture
    • Air temperature and humidity
    • More sense options (EC, pH, Wind speed and Wind direction)
  • Easy installation
  • Calculates needed water and manages irrigation turn automatically when runs in smart irrigation mode.
  • If your irrigation system runs on a clock timer, it can be as easy as “set it and forget it.”
  • Smart controllers tailor watering schedules to actual site conditions, based on local weather data and by using sensors that can detect rain or soil moisture to avoid unnecessary watering.
  • View charts of temperature, Soil moisture, Environment temperature and Irrigation turns
  • Irrigation strategy based on EC calculation and actual Soil moisture sensor data, as well as expert farmers.
  • Easy to read irrigation result, amount of usage water, next irrigation turn, frostbite forecast, irrigated zone and many more detailed information.
  • 7-inch Touch screen color LCD
  • Schedules irrigation time to avoid the hottest time of day; so your water doesn’t evaporate away.
  • Cooling strategy is based on actual temperature sensors.
  • Mobile and web remote control via internet.


The remote IoTDL site is connected to the IoTCC base station via an embedded cellular modem that connects to the IoTCM server. If radio reception is low or there are great distances between sites, the remote IoTDL site is connected to the mid site, which connects to the IoTCC base station.

■ Note: The customer is responsible for cellular network set-up and operational costs (e.g. SIM card and data plan)





IoTAS is advanced real-time crop management software providing growers with their farms’ status at a glance. Integrated with IoTDLA & IoTDLB, as a cutting-edge solution comprised of diverse sensors and RF-based wireless communication, IoTAS continuously collects data from the field.

The software provides user-friendly tools for field monitoring and check the status:

  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Graphical tool with real-time crop management and decision support system (DSS)
  • Dynamic map to get the field status at a glance
  • Navigation panel with online information, and simple access to any farm's device


  • Remote view and access to/from any unit
  • Low power, long-lasting battery
  • Broad array of sensors (soil, hydrometric, weather and plant)
  • Real-time in-field monitoring
  • Water usage traceability
  • Anywhere, anytime connectivity
  • Web and mobile access






The IoTDL profile RF connection is a data logger of soil moisture and air temperature and humidity sensor that is fully integrated with IoTDL crop management software. The easy-to-install cases deliver a complete data package via RF connection to the grower to improve irrigation planning and strategic decision-making.




  • IoTDLA has Soil moisture sensor from 6 different depths (10cm to 150cm), while IoTDLB has additional air temperature and humidity measurement sensor.
  • Continuous data collection via IoTDL probe
  • Standalone installation with solar panel support
  • More than 1km RF reception distance



Temperature  Units °C 
Range   -40°C to + 120°C
Resolution  0.01°C 
 Accuracy +/- 0.3°C 
Excitation Voltage  3.5 V 


Humidity Units RH%
Range  0-100%
Resolution  0.05% 
 Accuracy ± 4%
Excitation Voltage  3.5 V 


Soil Moisture Units RH%
Range  0-100%
Resolution  0.05% 
 Accuracy ± 4%
Excitation Voltage  3.5 V