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This company is one of the subsidiaries of Iranian telecommunication manufacturing Co. which was purchased in 1386(Iranian Calendar) Based on granting separate legal personality ,and all of its shares now belong to Iranian Telecommunication Manufacturing Co. By cooperating with - Iran Khodrow - motor research company in 1386 this company succeeded in designing and building a Motor Smart System(ECU) and managed to mass produce wire bunches of the car "Pride", and began the mass production of wire bunches of the car "Peugeot" in 1390(Iranian Calendar). Considering the production conditions of auto makers, this company also increases its capacity in proportion to the growth of its customers and with the purpose of keeping abreast of the country's automobile industry's progress and meeting its requirements.



  • Komax 433a Automatic cut - strip - crimp machine with two terminal making stations, one two-end terminal making station, and two sealing stations
  • Automatic cut - strip
  • PVC cutting machine
  • Bi-purpose 14-stationed conveyor
  • Mono-purpose 16 stationed conveyor
  • Different wire bunch test machines
  • Resin injection machine
  • Different Mecal applicators
  • Different KM applicators

The laboratory

Zagres Energy - seekers engineering company has special attention to preserve and enhance the quality of its products, and considering the remarkable variety of the parts which are used in wire tree, during the last few years, has managed to establish a central lab which is equipped with the most modern instruments and test methods to inspect the products, and the component substances of the wire tree and ,having cutting-edge inspection equipment in the domains of temperature, mechanics, electronics, and chemicals and by taking advantage of several technical and expert teams, this company as one of the most reputable and well-equipped wire-tree quality control centers has managed to design and build the special instruments which are related to function and durability tests of different parts based on up-to-date standards.

Some of the test activities include

  • Dimensional measurement of the parts with the possibility of observing and taking photos of the part in cross section to compare with the part drawing
  • Measuring voltage-decrease of the connections, leaking current, and electronic resistance of plastic socket insulations, and the insulations
  • Estimating tear force, and length increase percentage on plastic and elastic parts, assembling, and disassembling forces for socket connections, terminals, and dust collectors
  • Scratching and abrasion tests of the wire which simulate the scratching and abrasion of the wire insulation against another wire or against the adjacent jagged metal parts
  • The heat shock test with an advanced elevator-like machine

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