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The major products of this industry include:

Switching centers of digital landline phones and mobile phones including:

  • EWSD system telephone exchange center
  • NEAX61 ∑ (NEC) telephone exchange center

Producing and Assembling of different electronic boards
Inspection ,repairing and troubleshooting of different electronic and telecommunication boards.
Low and high capacity telecommunication power supplies

Telecommunication Terminals

Telecommunication terminals in different kinds are produced in the Iranian Telecommunication Manufacturing Co. The resistance of the terminals against different environmental phenomena such as fire, stroke, humidity has been tested and at present the terminals are used in telecommunication centers all over the country..

Siemens model 100 couples terminal
Terminal 100 couples plan KROHNE

Connectors produced by Iranian Telecommunication Manufacturing Co. :

  • Connector of 2.5 Coaxial cable
  • Connector of 2.5 Coaxial cable. (buttonhole)
  • Connector of 3 Coaxial cable
  • Connector of 3 Coaxial cable(buttonhole)
  • The above-mentioned connectors have gold coating and fire retardant internal insulation, and are protected against frequency
Inspection, repairs and troubleshooting of different boards and electronic and telecommunication equipment
Having experts and modern and exact inspection and measurement equipment , Iranian telecommunication manufacturing Co. is capable of repairing and troubleshooting different kinds of boards and equipment manufactured by companies like Siemens, NEC, Alcatel, ZTE, Huawei, and other foreign electronic boards. The equipment which are used in this section are inner- circuit board inspection machines for troubleshooting and detecting broken parts, and the function test machines to decide whether the board or module operates correctly and a final inspection machine to do the simulation process for scrutinizing the link between the board or module with other parts of the system.      
Concrete Cabinet (RSDLU)
This product is a telephone center integrated cabinet which can in remote mode be linked to its host center and provide subscribers with all switching services. This is an outdoor cabinet and is compatible with all climate conditions. This cabinet is capable of supporting 1000 analog users (could be extended to 4000) and also 32 ADSL 2+ users. Of other features of this product is its adaptability with SDH transmitting technology and PDH(fiber optic and cable). This product is also equipped with Brower, MDF, Power, Power Back up.      
Concrete feeding source mini Rack with installability of telecommunication equipment

Introduction of the product

This product is a complete and concrete feeding source collection on which telecommunication equipment are installable which is made up of two separate mini racks with easy and fast installation capability. The first one comprises feeding base, alarm panel, AC and DC Panels, and also 8u of free space to install telecommunication equipment, and second one has been designed and built for installing two rows of batteries with 200 to 400 ampere per hour capacities.Also Each one is equipped with a separate cooling system and water, smoke, temperature and door sensors.


Technical Specifications Product

  • Full Supervision of System Parameters
  • Intelligent Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Wide Input AC Voltage Range
  • Hot Swappable Rectifier Units
  • 6KW Rectifier Power Shelf
  • IP 55 Compliant Standard
  • LVD, SPD, Load Share, BLVD,LLVD
  • 120A Output Current (40A Per Rectifier)
  • SNMP Monitoring Software
  • IP&USB&DIGIT for Alarm Transmission



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