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Iranian Telecommunication Manufacturing Co. takes pride in producing a major part of the country’s telecommunication network equipment including mobile and landline telephone centers using the most modern and hi-tech production line equipment. This factory also has tested electronic and telecommunication systems all over the country. Constituting the electronic industry with new structure has been done aiming to promote these factories to the central stature of electronic production activities of the country. These factories have been able to export some of their products to neighboring countries with installation and commissioning services and besides their major activity have produced and supplied the systems which are ordered by other different industries of the country,for taking advantage of its excess production capacity. Having standard licenses of quality management systems :ISO9001,ISO/TS29001 and ecological management system ISO14001 and safety management and occupational hygiene OHSAS 18001 and the integrated Health ,safety and ecology HSE, taking steps in the direction of organizational exaltation and also enjoying experts ,skilled personnel and experienced technicians in the area of electronic industry as well as having a completely standard production atmosphere ,in addition to the efforts which are made to constantly improve production and quality of the products the main purpose of which is satisfying customers have opened a bright horizon to meet domestic needs for this technology and exporting to the countries in the vicinity.


The Iranian telecommunication electronic industry units include:
programming, in-coming control, technical and engineering, different departments of assembling, repairs, and test and quality control. The presence of the calibration department using the suitable calibrator machines and codified instructions and experienced staff has enabled this unit to calibrate and control electrical and electronic tools of this industry including generators, counters, oscilloscopes, RLC measurements, thermometers, digital and analog thermo controllers, multi meters, ampere meters, voltmeters all the time. (It should be mentioned that the reference calibrators in calibration are based on worldwide standards and sometimes they are calibrated in the laboratories out of the country.)
The potentiality and machinery of electronic industry
Some of the machinery of the different units of Electronic Industry of Iranian telecommunication manufacturing Co. is as follows:
SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) machinery including:
  • Tin paste printing machinery including MINAMI,SPPG1,DEK ELA
  • High speed small part assembling machinery including HS50,S20,MVIIF
  • Assemblers of big parts and IC including F5HM,F4,MPAG1
  • Tin paste melting ovens such as VITRONICS SOLTEC XPM820,VITRONICS, SOLTEC XPM520 REFG1, Panasonic
  • PC BOARD transport machinery including LOADER, , UNLOADER with side rails
  • PC BOARD repairing machinery
THT machines include
  • The machines for preparing and forming DIP parts
  • Semi automatic assembling tables for DIP parts
  • Tin pools for tinning of SMD, DIP parts and automatic tin pools with computer controlled tracing for all phases of tinning and anti-oxidization of Tin by using Nitrogen
  • Final assembling pools(SEHO,NIHON)
With the presence of the facilities in THT and SMT units the capacity and possibility of assembling different electronic boards which are required by the country exist.
The Inspection Unit's machinery include :
  • Final assembly inspection
  • In- circuit & functional test
  • Run- in equipment
By developing programs for inspecting every board and through making the required adaptors which are both done by experts of this industry the whole set of assembled parts on every board and its entire function could be inspected. Some of the equipment of this section is as follows:
  • In- circuit Test machines manufactured by reputable companies such as Scorpion, Spea , Teradyne
  • X-ray test machine

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