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  • To rectify and improve the designing and engineering method
  • To enhance the knowledge of different units'managers
  • To enhance the personnel's knowledge in all units
  • To enhance the experts’ scientific abilities to produce domestic technology
  • To enhance the experts’ knowledge for boosting the ability to compete with other producers


  • • Holding training courses both inside and outside the organization according to the program of evaluating requirements of different units of the factories
  • Holding training workshops
  • Holding seminars which are done by experts
  • Compiling and reproducing educational booklets to enhance co-workers’ scientific level
  • Carrying out research projects in the field of telecommunication, BTS, mobile phones, feeding sources, and medical equipme
  • Cooperating with the university in carrying out common research projects

Educational departments

  • • The department of mobile phone and landline phone network
  • • The department of IT and software developing
  • • The department of English language
  • • The department of health and safety
  • • The department of management and management systems

Educational Privileges

  • Holding training courses by expert and experienced instructors
  • Practical teaching of materials
  • Granting reputable degrees
  • Planning, compiling, and holding training courses based on the requirements of different companies
  • Cooperating with honorable organizations such as Technicality and labor organization and industrial management organization…
  • Continuous evaluation , and supervision of all the training programs
  • Exact inspection and elimination of probable faults

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