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Ability to design and carry out online websites

  • Using modern and optimal software techniques
  • Using SQL server data-base
  • Modular planning
  • Capability of easy expansion
  • Creating general and management reports in the form of EXCEL and HTML
  • Possibility of adding new reports based on the customer’s demand


Designing and Carrying out Special Software Packages

  • Calculating required equipment for the solar power networks based on different consumers and different climate patterns of different cities in Iran
  • Possibility of selecting the three kinds of residential, industrial and telecommunication projects
  • Reasonable price in comparison with similar foreign software
  • Easy usage with no need for expert knowledge
  • Capability of saving projects in the form of XML

Designing and production of the country's industrial telecommunication modules according to world standards

  • Efficiency about 90 percent and power coefficient 99 percent
  • 48 Volts of nominal output voltage
  • 30 Amperes of nominal output current
  • 1600 Watts of nominal output power
  • Capability of hooking telecommunication links in (on position/mode)

Carrying out common and out-of-organization projects (Smart irrigation management system)

Designing and building smart irrigation system with following Capabilities

  • Possibility of recognizing irrigation time smartly in 4 different modes
  • Automatic measurement of soil dryness, air humidity, temperature and setting irrigation time
  • Capability of being controlled by a central server control, and non-operator functioning

Designing and production of advanced telecommunication modules, protocol and software by automatic code production tools based on customer’s order GMSC (MSC / VLR / HLR)

  • Based on the latest telecommunication standards (ETSI, ITU)
  • Building GMSC with common capacity of 2 k to 60 k
  • Having all characteristics of supplementary service, SMS, Echo Cancellation ….
  • Full Routing ability in network and Global title in MAP
  • Having complete Alarm panel and OAM software which is easy to use
  • Carrying out SS7 protocol, and capability of getting hooked to SIGTRAN network

Capability of designing and manufacturing Electronic elements and telecommunication equipment(Order Wire)

  • Turning Order Wire 6 - wire phones to regular 2 - wire ones
  • Decreasing the costs of telephone calls in stations
  • Establishing telephone calls at the time of outbreak of pitfalls in the telecommunication network (PSTN, GSM)
  • Supporting regular 2 wire telephones and not requiring a special telephone
  • No need for separate feeding port
  • Providing ring - sending circuit internally

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