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Different types of indoor racks

  • Producable in different sizes
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Suitable resistance in warm and humid places
  • All kinds of standard shelves are installable in it
  • Very durable electrostatic painting

Different types of outdoor racks

    • Producable in different sizes
    • Wetness and heat insulation based on standards
    • Impervious to water and dust IP55 standards
    • Assemblable and dismantlable (unique capability)
    • Equipped with air conditioning system
    • Equipped with different sensors along with control systems
    • Equipped with cooling system (fan, cooler or free cooling)
    • All different kinds of standard shelves are installable in it
    • Having multi-clapper lock
    • Very durable electrostatic paint

Designing and production of different kinds of net rack

  • Possibility of production in different sizes according to IEC 297 standard
  • Equipped with smoke and heat sensors
  • Equipped with alarm system
  • Possibility of installing smart system to control temperature and voltage
  • Equipped with roof fan and floor filter to prevent water and dust from penetrating
  • Presence of hair-like anti dust systems at cable ports in the roof and floor
  • Equipped with devised cable management
  • Painted by powder electrostatic paint
  • Glass door (dark and security glass) or metal based on customer’s demand
  • Equipped with suitable cable trays
  • Equipped with fan box to ventilate the air inside the rack
  • All the doors and side panels are equipped with high-quality multi-clapper locks
  • Portable Shelves
  • Possibility of choosing IP protection degree based on the customer's demand
  • Having four stop Wheels, Capable of being replaced with adjustable stands
  • Possibility of adjusting the temperature of the fan as one wishes
  • Easy and fast accessibility of the required equipment
  • Possibility of easy and fast installation of the equipment
  • Suitable weight for easy transportation

Designing and manufacturing different kinds of towers including: self – standing tower, corner tower, pipe tower, harness tower and telescopic tower

  • Self-standing tower in the form of tripod and quadripod
  • Manufacturing self-standing tower up to the height of 54 meters
  • Resistance against the wind up to the speed of 120 Km per hour
  • Installibility of antenna and equipment through V-Pole structure
  • Having X-pole holder
  • Having warm galvanized coating
  • Having necessary equipment and joints to install lights and lightning rod
  • Having horizontal and vertical loader
  • Installibility of feeder and grand cable
  • Installibility of accessories

Manufacturing different kinds of stationary containers

  • installibility of telecommunication equipment such as:Rack radio, indoor rack, unidirectional charger, AC and DC boards, and cooler.
  • Two - ply body and roof through poly-overtan foam injection.
  • Compact enough according to customer's needs
  • Having AC and DC boards (made by this company)
  • Having counter board (made by this company)
  • Having AC, DC free cooling with all required accessories
  • Having temperature, smoke, and fire sensors
  • Having alarm box, extinguisher and foldable table
  • Having multi-clapper lock of high quality hardware
  • Anti - static flooring
  • Electro static painting with 5 year- guarantee

Different types of emergency containers

Practicability and features of emergency containers

  • portability and immediate commissionability in the area in question
  • Eliminating network and radio communication's heavy traffic
  • Covering the network and reachability in special places such as pilgrimage places, tourist sites, exhibitions, stadiums, and other places if required
  • usage in critical cases such as earthquake, flood …
  • Passive Defense
  • security system

Truck emergency container(self-towed)

  • Possibility of selecting the truck based on the customer's requirement
  • Possibility of transporting in the country's roads at the speed of 100 KMs per second when containing no equipment
  • capable of being set and commissioned in less than 30 minutes
  • Equipped with Jack for balancing the system where it is deployed and taking some pressure off the tyres
  • Equipped with automatic 12-thread feeder collector.
  • Equipped with electrical AC, DC boards and temperature ,and smoke sensors.
  • Equipped with 3 sections including the generator compartment ,BTS and the container
  • Possibility of installation of a tower as high as 30 meters and resistance against wind which is blowing at the speeds up to 90 KMs per second
  • Equipped with a tower which moves vertically,horizontally and telescopically
  • Having a tower equipped with copper lightning rod ,flashing light and photo cell
  • Having liquefied galvanized coating on the tower
  • Possibility of internal laddering based on the customer's demand.

• Towable Emergency Container

  • portable with both mono-axle and bi-axle trucks
  • capable of movement at the speed of 100km per hour on roads when containing no equipment
  • capable of being set and commissioned in less than 30 minutes
  • installability of equipment weighing up to 5 tons.
  • Possibility of installation of a tower as high as 30 meters and resistance against wind which is blowing at the speeds up to 90 KMs per second
  • Equipped with a jack to turn the tower into vertical position hydraulicly
  • Equipped with Hydraulic wings on the sides for deployment and harnessing the tower
  • Equipped with automatic 12-thread feeder collector
  • Equipped with generator and automatic fueling system
  • Equipped with electrical AC, DC boards and temperature ,and smoke sensors and water capsule
  • Having 2 separate sections: generator compartment, and telecommunication equipment compartment
  • Possibility of separating the equipment compartment from the trailer.
  • Having liquefied galvanized coating on the tower
  • Possibility of changing the structure based on the customer's requirement

Designing and production of different types of electric boards and boxes

  • In two forms of standing and wall posted, outdoor and indoor
  • Manufacturing different kinds of AC and DC boards.
  • Using high quality and reputable parts
  • Having suitable resistance and stability
  • Box and board protection degree are based on the customer’s demand
  • Carrying out all types of necessary inspections and quality control unit confirmation
  • Coating the body with powder electrostatic paint
  • Using suitable locks for board and box doors
  • Possibility of installing smoke and heat sensors.
  • Possibility of installing ventilation and cooling systems
  • Possibility of mass production in a short period of time
  • Standard cabling and positioning of parts

Producing of different kinds of counter boxes

  • Using sheets with right quality and thickness for building the body
  • Possibility of being built in different sizes according to customer’s demand
  • Suitable sealing
  • Using powder electrostatic paint in different colors according to customer’s demand
  • Using right high quality locks
  • Possibility of mass production in short period of time

Smart anti-robbery safe

  • Capability of designing and manufacturing safes in different sizes depending on the customer’s demands
  • The body is made of sturdy and suitably thick foil
  • It has separate inside box for documents
  • Digital combination lock and installability of a Sim card to help the owner have awareness of his access to the safe
  • Using multi language and anti - robbery lock
  • Hinges are installed inside to elevate the safe's security
  • Alarm system and automatic lock in case of entering wrong combination
  • It has a second secret lock
  • Chassis in the front side has high solidity
  • Capability of being installed in different places to prevent movement
  • It has changeable internal shelves
  • possibility of adding more shelves

Production of different kinds of anti - burglary doors

  • Presence of sturdy metal sheets and network between the two layers of the door
  • Using good quality substances for producing metal network
  • Equipped with anti-burglary lock
  • Sound, heat, and wetness insulator
  • Resistant against cutting and pressure
  • Possibility of installing different kinds of cover such as MDF and PVC in different patterns

Production of different anti - burglary and multi-clapper locks

  • Production of parts with good alloys
  • Possibility of designing and producing in different sizes based on customer’s requirement
  • Having various numbers of clappers according to customer's requirement
  • Capability of designing and producing similar locks for different usages
  • Nickel electroplating to prevent erosion, and to preserve beauty and endurance

Manufacturing of different kinds of elevator cabins

The cabins made by this company with different usages such as passenger carrier, load carrier … are available in different sizes and with various capacities. They are made based on the customer’s demand and all the security and technical standards are observed. Decoration and interior design of the cabins (Dummy ceiling/ walls / floors ventilators / emergency keys / handles and lightings …) are completed according to the taste of customers. Moreover, the cabins are equipped with security brakes and have high resistance against pressure. The capacity of production of cabins is at least 50 per month.

Manufacturing of elevator’s doors

This company manufactures different doors compatible with the kind and application according to En – 81.It has considered not only beauty but also security and solidity. Hinge, automatic, and semi-automatic doors which are manufactured in central and telescopic forms can be painted with electrostatic paint and ornamented and covered with different covers such as patterned steel design. This company is also able to manufacture different doors applied for special uses and different applications. The products are guaranteed for 5 years and the company could manufacture 400 doors per month.

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