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Having skillful and experienced personnel and modern machinery with unique capabilities, the Iranian telecommunication manufacturing Co. is able to manufacture different industrial metal, aluminum, and plastic parts and to do the chemical coating of the parts and to design and make plastic or aluminum moulds and to bend, cut, and stretch parts.



Manufacturing Unit

Using vast production potentials in the field of making metal parts this unit is active in the following areas:

  • Foiling different parts (forming,bending,cutting)
  • Lathe operating of different parts (milling, lathing, lathing panel, and tapping …
  • Pressing different parts (powerful and weak pressing)

The sample of manufactured products


  • Manufacturing of a considerable part of the mechanical equipment used in the country’s telecommunication systems over the past 46 years.
  • Mass production of delicate parts such as coaxial cable connectors
  • Production of complementary parts of emergency mobile towers and containers
  • Production of a wide scope of domestic and foreign industrial orders

Plastic injection unit

Having various plastic injection machinery, this unit is ready to manufacture different plastic parts weighing up to 300 grams horizontally and 120 grams vertically, and it is also equipped with Tempo printing machinery.


Aluminum injection unit

Making use of horizontal and vertical machinery and being active in car, military, medical industries, etc is able to inject light alloys weighing up to 2400 grams with different moulds ,e.g: cartridge moulds, jack moulds….

Painting and Liquefying unit

This unit with a long background works in the field of coating and covering based on the approach of electroplating which includes:

  • Different kinds of copper coat, nickel, zinc, silver, tin ….
  • Electrostatic and furnace oil paint
  • Surface operations including phosphatizing…..
  • Silk printing and print circuit
  • Preparation of surfaces by shot blasting
  • It enjoys the capability of quality durability inspection of coatings including salt spray, bullet test, cross-cut and thickness test.

Tool making unit

This unit has a long, brilliant background in handling different services in designing, building, repairing different kinds of plastic injection moulds, aluminum injection, tension, curving, cutting and manufacturing jig and fixture and assembly and production tools. To indicate the facilities of this unit, a collections of unique CNC machines with micron sensitivity, hardware ovens, wire cut and spark machinery, very careful drilling and stone image machines can be mentioned

Precise Tools and Calibration Unit

Having advanced control capabilities to control mechanical parts and holding Iranian standard and industrial research organization license this unit is ready to provide the following services:

  • The control and measurement of industrial parts and tools
  • calibration of different types of tools and measuring clocks
  • calibration of pressure gauges
  • Capability of running various kinds of industrial inspections including:Hardness measurement, thickness measurement, abrasion,
  • Capability of quality durability inspections of coatings including salt spray, bullet test, cross - cut and thickness test

Container and tower assembly and manufacturing UNIT

Having experienced and expert personnel in designing and producing, this workshop as the first producer of mobile and immobile containers in separate and hooked forms and also different types of tower has supplied a lot of products to orders for domestic and foreign customers . This workshop has built more than 1400 self standing immobile towers ranging from 18 to 54 meters, more than 1200 immobile containers, and more than 150 emergency sites in different forms such as trailers, trucks, towable containers as well as hydraulic-telescopic towers. This unit is also capable of designing and building different kinds of emergency sites based on customer’s requirement.

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